YOUTUBE TAXES Explained! (2020) 10 Tax Tips for YouTube Creators!


Hey everybody, I’m Suresh, helping you create something awesome today. Today we’re talking about YouTube taxes and what you need to know as a content creator. So I’m going to be answering your most asked questions when it comes to the situation of YouTube taxes and where your tax responsibility is. 10 Tax Tips for YouTube Creators  1. YouTube Pays Any of Your Taxes? The answer is no. YouTube does not pay any taxes for … Read more

How to Make Money with TikTok in 3 Easy Steps – 2020


What’s up guys in this article, We are going to learn how to make money on Tiktok as a creator. I’m going to share the top three ways to make money on Tiktok as a content creator. How to Make Money with TikTok There are other ways to make money like if you’re a business, trying to promote through Tiktok, but that is for another article.  TikTok As a Creator, Is Through Coins Now let … Read more

9 Ways I Earn Passive Income Online (Different Business Models)


Hey, in this article, I’m going to give you nine different ways to generate a passive income. These are things I’ve built in the past that I hardly touch anymore, yet continue to create a pay for my overtime. We’re going to get very specific here, looking at particular businesses, particular websites, specific business models. But I just wanted to share these examples so that you can get inspired by them and perhaps use them … Read more

7 Business that Will Grow After COVID 19


7 Businesses that Will Grow After COVID 19, More billionaires and millionaires are made after a recession and economic crash than any other time, so how do you take advantage of this time the global economy will this year likely suffered the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. Due to the COVID, 19 pandemic says the International Monetary Fund .the World Trade Organization also said that the global trade would contract by between 13% … Read more

How to Build Wealth From ZERO: The Untold Truth About Money

build wealth

How to Build Wealth From ZERO You’re probably working a job right now. One that you got from the degree that you studied for in a university. You probably don’t have much in savings. Your living expenses seem Ridiculously high. You feel as though you’re not paid enough. You have credit card debt that needs to take care of. Maybe your student Studying for a degree that you ho can and your job that you … Read more

Bitcoin Explained How Does Bitcoin Work?


Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies are virtual money. You can use to buy and pay for products or services. But unlike most money, bitcoin is not issued by a government. Meaning it has no central governing or regulatory body that controls it. If a government has bills to pay, it cannot directly print more money, causing inflation and lowering the value of its citizen’s holdings. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have a set amount of coins that will … Read more

5 Ways to Get What You Want in Life

want in life

What do you want in life? I mean, I have several things that I know I won’t, and you’re likely reading these articles and in some way got here today to see this because you probably have something that you want too that you dream about, that you wish for. 5 Ways to Get What You Want in Life I mean, you and I are very much alike, and in this article, I’m going to … Read more

3 Secrets to Get More Clicks in Your Emails (Higher Click Through Rate – CTR)


I’m going to teach you how to get higher click-through rates in your emails. Hey, my name is Suresh, here to help you make more money, save more time, and help more people. And we’re talking about email marketing. Now, if you haven’t yet read my article about how to increase your email open rates, I recommend you check that out. But obviously, it’s essential to get people to open those emails. But in addition … Read more

7 Ways To Make Money From Home During Quarantine

make Money

Hey everyone, I’m Suresh from Sarkari Bank jobs. Today I’m going to share a few seven ways to make money while working from home during the quarantine. Listen, I know right now a lot of people have lost their jobs, a lot of people are hurting financially.  I want to share with you 7 different ways that you can make money either as a side hustle or 7 a full-time income. If you choose to … Read more

How To Start Social Media Marketing A Beginner with 3 steps

Social Media Marketing

I started a social media marketing agency, and I need clients. Have no network of business owners. At the moment, I’m cold calling. So, what do you are recommending for someone who starts a B to B business?”  Create a Fortune that is a problem, because if you’re starting a B to B business, you’re starting a social media marketing agency. You have problems using social media to get clients, do you see the problem … Read more